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As part of our Moving Upstream series of projects, we have walked along the river Ganga for almost 3000kms, from the ocean to the mountains, while capturing a very personal narrative of the Ganga and stories of the people who affect and are affected by it. This is a first in the series of research and documentation journeys that we are undertaking at Veditum along different rivers of India.

The experiences have maintained our understanding that there’s a need to bring these important conversations into the mainstream. This campaign will help us share with you stories of the people of the basin who depend on the river and how urban/rural/industrial activities are impacting the river. All contributions through this page will be used for the Moving Upstream series of projects, with plans for more rivers already underway.

Current status 

We have completed the walk and it has been an exceptionally challenging task over a total course of 6 months, full of surprises and hurdles. The initial crew withdrew from the project, Siddharth had a spinal injury, bureaucratic  complexities kicked in at times, but eventually everything was balanced by the warmth of people’s love. We are working tirelessly to make this project more impactful through multi-media outputs for the stories collected during the journey.

Like in every case when we submit ourselves to accomplishing something, there’s some learning that comes out purely as a result of the constant tussle within us, apart from the inputs through multitudes of knowledge banks and visuals floating around, especially if one is walking thousands of kilometres.  After the crew withdrew, restricted by personal reasons and security concerns, we went solo for the next 1500kms and were then joined by a few friends and like minded individuals.

Shridhar, a Film & Video Communication student from NID Ahmedabad, who had also sheltered us at his place in Patna during the first leg of the walk, joined us and took control of the documentary. Him and a few other folks joined the second leg of the walk, from the plains in the Western edge of Uttar Pradesh to the temple town of Gangotri in the high Himalayas. We take pride in the fact that we had people joining us on this journey, while some others took inspiration and went on their own journeys on different rivers.

You can read some stories by the media here: Media Coverage, some publications in other media here: Published Stories and stories published on our website here: Moving Upstream

The Appeal 

The absence of the crew meant that we could survive for a longer time on the field by living frugally, and we managed to complete the walk with the help and generosity of friends/family/strangers and the funds from the 1st round of crowdfunding & a quick fund raiser in early 2017.

This is the second round of crowdfunding we’re running (we could raise less than half our target amount in the first round) so that we can complete the post production of the documentary and release it (targeting December 2019), create multi-media publications for story telling and if there is at all any spill-over, support more young Indians in undertaking Moving Upstream projects along other Indian rivers.

Please contribute by following this link: Contribute

This project presents an opportunity for more young people to undergo river journeys with the support of Veditum India Foundation, to help us understand, visualise and thereby improve the situation at the grassroots. All contributions through this campaign will be used for the Moving Upstream series of projects. You can read more about the Moving Upstream series here:

If you want to join us on our journeys or if you have any questions, please feel free to write to us at: [email protected]

Photo albums from the walk:

Moving Upstream
Riverside Portraits
As night falls
Daily Updates

Why crowd funding?

This is the second round of crowd funding that we’re running, following the first one on Ketto through which we could raise less than half of the targeted INR 10L amount. Any kind of sponsorship from big corporate organisations generally brings with it some sort of limitations, something that we don’t want to be limited by in our story telling, especially as new entrants into this field. This nature of gathering funds keeps the story telling unbiased and open, with the opportunity for anyone to question us and keep us in check.

What is in it for you?

We also have a huge set of rewards, letters and post cards from the field, environment friendly merchandise, posters to adorn your rooms, access to the documentary before it’s public release, and even an opportunity to be on the field with the crew for a while! So go ahead, take a look and contribute. If you cannot contribute monetarily. even sharing this on your social media sites will be of great help!

What will the money be used for?

Driving thousands of kilometres and filming requires a lot of resources, even with everyone working for zero or bare minimum compensation while not compromising on quality or dedication. Now that the walk is complete, your extremely valuable contributions will help us:

  • Post production (documentary/photo book) & creation of various types of art in collaboration with amazing artists (We’re working on this now).
  • Creation of a web platform for Rivers of India. (WIP)
  • Fulfilment of rewards from the crowd funding campaign.

In the Media

Since the time that we launched this project, we’ve been spoken about in the media a few times. Here are a few links:

Other publications

We’ve been able to share our learnings through different mediums to reach out to a wider audience, made possible only through your contributions. Read stories here:

Contributions and Rewards

Once you click on the contribute button, you will be re-directed to Instamojo’s website to complete the transaction process. 

If you’re trying to contribute from outside India, please write to me at [email protected] to find out how. The following links will not function for overseas contributions.


You get a digital cover to display on your social media profiles. An official badge in recognition of your amazingness!


In a digital world, we will send to you postcards from the field, while we walk. Handwritten notes with stories from the field. Are you old school enough? (Includes all previous rewards)


Clear that wall, make way for a beautiful signed poster from the project, your mark of having been part of such a project! (Includes all previous rewards)


Whether an artist, student or professional, we all have some stationery. Add a new eco-friendly canvas zippper pouch to your collection. Official project merchandise! (Includes all previous rewards)


Bring home the DVD of the documentary, watch with friends and family as you brag about having made this project possible! (Includes all previous rewards)


We get on an exclusive Skype Q&A with you, and talk about the walk. Add to that merchandise in association with, made by women saved from trafficking. Impact ++ (Includes all previous rewards)


Have a library at your house? Always wanted that book of amazing pictures & stories in your collection? Here’s your chance, get your own copy of our book of stories! (Includes all previous rewards)


Congratulations! Your first step into the field of film production. You get a credit in the documentary – ‘film made possible by’, feel famous already? (Includes all previous rewards)


You’re invited to the screening of our documentary in one of the major cities where you’ll be our guest of honor. (Includes all previous rewards)

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