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As part of our Moving Upstream project, Veditum partnered with SANDRP – South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers and People to conduct a walk along the length of Ken River in Bundelkhand, documenting the river, life of the riparian community and local issues.

Bhim Singh Rawat (SANDRP) and Siddharth Agarwal (Veditum) walked all along the Ken River, from its confluence with Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh upstream to its origin in Madhya Pradesh. They were joined in phases by friends Shridhar Sudhir (independent filmmaker), Seema Ravandale (PSI – People’s Science Institute), Ravi Shukla and Dipani Sutaria.

On 12th May 2020, a webinar was organised to share some stories from the walk, followed by a Q&A session. Below is a recording of the webinar.

Reading List about River Ken

As part of the webinar exercise, we’ve prepared a reading / resource list about River Ken. If you have any interesting resource links to share about River Ken, please send to [email protected] and we will update it here.

General writing on River Ken

  1. Ken River Yatra: A Glimpse into the Lives of River People:
  2. Ken River Yatra: Exploring A Threatened River And Knowing River People
  3. Amazing experience of Yatra along the Majestic Ken River
  4. River Ken, as I saw it (Manoj Misra)
  5. Sand Mafia Build Illegal Bunds In Ken River
  6. Kilkila: a Cursed River became Ganga; now Cursed again
  7. Walk along the Ken and You will find a world you didn’t know was there | The Wire
  8. Walking along the Ken – A multimedia report | India Climate Dialogue
  9. Villagers affected by Pawai irrigation project speak out against force displacement | Khabar Lahariya – FirstPost
  10. TEDx talk about walking along rivers in India, with stories of the Ken River and Ken-Betwa link included in it

Ken Betwa River Linking Project & Bundelkhand

  1. Panna Collector says KBRP is Disaster for Ken Basin People:
  2. Little for Bundelkhand, lot for contractors in Ken Betwa river-link
  3. Ken Betwa Project will facilitate water export out of Bundelkhand, It will destroy Panna Tiger Reserve: Letter to EAC
  4. Ken Betwa Project to destroy Raneh Falls: India’s Mini Grand Canyon-cum- Mini Niagra

Ken Betwa River Linking Project: Environmental Issues

  1. NGT Admits Appeal challenging Environment Clearance to Ken Betwa Project
  2. Open Letter of Protest on Ken Betwa Project to MoEF
  3. Ken Betwa Link: Letter to Water Resources Minister and EAC in Dec 2016
  4. NWDA & EIA lies on Ken Betwa River Link nailed by IGF (WL): Will EAC take action against them now
  5. Letters to EAC & MOEF: Ken Betwa Link is a tragedy – don’t burn lifeboats to stay warm on a sinking ship
  6. Ken Betwa River Link Project involves India’s first Major Dam inside National Park: It needs, fresh, credible EIA, not misleading falsehoods from NWDA
  7. Letter to MoEF Expert Appraisal Committee: Reject Ken Betwa Proposal
  8. What ails DPR and EIA of Ken-Betwa Link Project: A Note for EAC of MoEF&CC
  9. Why Ken Betwa EIA by AFCL is unacceptable
  10. Violations in Ken Betwa Riverlink Public Hearings in last week of 2014

Wildlife Clearance

Official Documents 

  1. Official documents on Phase I of the project
  2. Official documents on Phase II of the project
  3. Official website with details on Forest Clearance details for Phase I of the project
  4. Official website with details on Environment Clearance details and EIA report of the project
  5. CEC Report
  6. 25-07-2019 / Question on Inter-Linking in parliament
  7. SC judgment from 2002 on River InterLinking

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A panoramic view of River Ken. Photo by Siddharth Agarwal

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