Walking Back to My Roots

A walk in search of ancestral connections, to the roots and stories that contribute to an individual’s identity. The idea of the project is to provoke thoughts in a person’s mind, making them go back and inquire about stories and cultures from the place their ancestors belong and so do they. In the process, making them aware of social, cultural and environmental conditions of the day through immersive travel for all participants in the journey. This learning extends out to viewers and followers through various media created during and in relation to the journey.

In the first leg of the journey we walked from Delhi to Ajmer via Haryana, passing through the Shekhawati region which was the focus area for this particular walk. We walked over 700kms in two legs (400km + 300Km) to complete this journey, tracing stories to Siddharth’s ancestors in this case and understanding the cultural significance of Shekhawati paintings and architecture. Through this walk, we also got exposed to a variety of social/cultural issues that plague the region and also to amazing people/organisations that are working to improve said conditions.

We hope you too go explore your roots and tell us if you intend to, we’d like to help!

Here’s the trailer for the documentary for the Rajasthan walk, due to be released this summer.

Last December, we walked 300 kms across the state of Rajasthan with Digital Nerve, learning about the local culture,...

Posted by Veditum on Monday, January 18, 2016

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